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Design Grant


Enterprise's Pre-Development Design Grants

Stay tuned for a new round of design grants in 2016.

Enterprise’s Pre-Development Design Grant provides funding for design exploration during the early stages of affordable housing development. Carrying the project from inception to the beginning of schematic design, these grants enable development teams to define project goals, identify challenges and explore multiple design solutions.
The grant funds a rigorous integrative design process in the early stages of development, beginning with a visioning and architect competition, and followed by a charrette to strengthen the project’s overall green approach.
Armed with new ideas and expanded partnerships, developers complete the process equipped to make more informed decisions that lead to higher quality projects. By engaging a broader network of architects as well as a more robust development team, the grant encourages lasting changes in the pre-development design process of affordable housing.

Pilot Program Grant Recipients
Pilot Program Grant recipients

See the 2012 grant recipients' design concepts and learn what they found most valuable about the pre-development design.