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Lowering the Cost


Lowering the Cost to Develop and Sustain Affordable Housing

The affordable housing sector is facing tremendous new pressures as demand continues to escalate in light of stagnant incomes and growing poverty. At the same time, government resources dedicated to housing production and preservation are rapidly shrinking.

Though our community development and affordable housing industry has much to be proud of in creating highly productive partnerships between nonprofits, government and the private sector, we are in need of new innovative approaches if we are to continue to succeed in delivering housing options for our country’s most vulnerable citizens and communities.

Enterprise and Deutsche Bank believe that diverse perspectives are required to inform a strategy that can lead to new approaches to lowering housing development costs while increasing housing accessibility, quality
and impact.

The Lowering the Cost of Housing Competition seeks to provide a new model for conceiving, siting, financing, building and sustaining, affordable housing. Selected teams will work on a specific site, proposing designs for multi-unit dwellings which present new methods for designing, building and financing housing affordable to individuals or families below 100% of Area Median Income.

The goal of the competition is to create innovative models for cost efficient prototypes that are sensitive to the scale and composition of the existing conditions while providing a new vision that is legible to a wide array of existing and potential residents.

Visit the Lowering the Cost of Housing Competition website to learn more.

July 17 Convening

As part of the 2012 Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute, we convened some of the best thinkers and doers in our industry to start a process that we hope will lead to a sustained and shared effort to deliver new approaches to delivering affordable housing. Read a summary of the convening.  Enterprise and Deutsche Bank are committed to providing support for the collaboration and look forward to shared leadership emerging to drive this agenda forward.

Lowering Cost Resources

Following are a list of resources related to lowering the cost of developing and sustaining affordable housing. Please email us any additional resources you would like considered for inclusion.



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Innovative Approaches
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