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Statement on Superstorm Sandy from Terri Ludwig

Enterprise Launches the Enterprise Partner Support & Rebuilding Fund

At Enterprise, our hearts are with every community suffering in Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath. While the total costs of the historic storm are not yet clear, tens of thousands of people in New York and New Jersey alone have lost their homes, the foundations upon which people and neighborhoods thrive.

Enterprise and our partners are strongly committed to recovery, rebuilding and resilience.

The fund consists of two parts:
  1. Emergency grants that can be used to address any immediate needs resulting from the storm
  2. Immediate low-cost working capital that our for-profit and nonprofit partners can use to speed rebuilding such as bridging the gap to other resources including FEMA funding and insurance coverage. 
Enterprise has also established a Recovery Resources page on our website that is regularly updated with news and information targeted to community development corporations and affordable housing owners.

Thousands of homes developed or preserved by Enterprise are located in the FEMA disaster areas in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our own New York office building sustained serious damage and flooding, and members of the Enterprise family live in storm-struck areas. We are grateful for the outpouring of support and concern we’ve received from our community. The devastation unleashed by the storm reminds us all of the importance of a safe place to call home and of helping neighbors in need.

Enterprise will work closely with our partners, key members of Congress and the Obama Administration to ensure that legislation passed in response to Sandy meets local needs. Additionally, we will apply our experience working with partners to rebuild the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to similar efforts along the East Coast. With our partners, Enterprise will do everything we can to ensure community groups serving people left vulnerable by the storm have the resources they need now―and the necessary support over the long term to rebuild stronger than ever..


Jon Searles