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Campaigns & Coalitions


Affordable Rental Housing Action

Affordable Rental Housing ACTION

Founded in 2009 as a response to the need to stimulate investment in affordable rental housing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit), the Affordable Rental Housing ACTION. (A Call to Invest in Our Neighborhoods) Campaign is a grassroots effort led by a broad coalition of more than 650 cross-industry organizations in every state of the nation, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Relaunched in July 2011 the ACTION Campaign is focused on protecting and preserving the Housing Credit as Congress considers deficit reduction proposals and tax reform, as well as establishing permanent minimum credit rates of 9 and 4 percent for allocated Housing Credits. The campaign’s goal is to ensure that working families across the nation have access to affordable housing.

Visit the ACTION website.

Community Capital Coalition

The Community Capital Coalition advocates on behalf of mission-driven lenders, housing developers, owners and managers and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) who are working to strengthen neighborhoods.

Green Affordable Housing Coalition

The Green Affordable Housing Coalition is a national action network that fosters collaboration and advocates for green affordable housing. The Coalition supports administrative and legislative actions at the federal, state and local levels that support the development, preservation and rehabilitation of green, healthy and location-efficient affordable housing.

Visit the Green Affordable Housing Coalition website.

National Foreclosure Prevention and Neighborhood Stabilization Task Force

Convened in November 2007, the National Foreclosure Prevention and Neighborhood Stabilization Task Force is a cross-industry group of local and national organizations working to address the impacts of the foreclosure crisis on communities.

The Task Force’s mission is to bring together advocates, practitioners, and other experts from across the country around foreclosure prevention and neighborhood stabilization efforts, to exchange critical information and to help craft policy, legislative, and programmatic initiatives that primarily support low and moderate-income individuals and families.

Visit the National Foreclosure Prevention and Neighborhood Stabilization Task Force website.