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Campaigns & Coalitions


Affordable Rental Housing Action

Affordable Rental Housing ACTION

Founded in 2009 as a response to the need to stimulate investment in affordable rental housing through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (Housing Credit), the Affordable Rental Housing ACTION. (A Call to Invest in Our Neighborhoods) Campaign is a grassroots effort led by a broad coalition of more than 650 cross-industry organizations in every state of the nation, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. Relaunched in July 2011 the ACTION Campaign is focused on protecting and preserving the Housing Credit as Congress considers deficit reduction proposals and tax reform, as well as establishing permanent minimum credit rates of 9 and 4 percent for allocated Housing Credits. The campaign’s goal is to ensure that working families across the nation have access to affordable housing.

Visit the ACTION website.

HOME Coalition

The HOME Coalition works to increase awareness about the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), its importance to the development and provision of affordable housing, and the need to continue funding this vital program. The coalition is composed of a broad spectrum of national organizations – including housing developers, state and local government associations and affordable housing advocates. The goal of the coalition is to #SaveHOME.

Visit the HOME Coalition webpage.

Make Room

Launched in May 2015, Make Room gives voice to struggling renters and elevates rental housing on the agendas of our nation’s leaders. We’re advocating for better policies and telling the stories of real families who can’t make rent today.

Visit the Website and help #MakeRoom