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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

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NSP Technical Assistance and Neighborhood Stabilization

Enterprise received funding under the NSP Technical Assistance program to help local communities distribute their NSP funds. As part of this grant, Enterprise has provided technical assistance to NSP grantees in New Orleans, Cleveland, Washington D.C. and numerous other municipalities around the country, building capacity in areas such as green rehabilitation, mortgage financing, financial management and program operation.

For more information on Enterprise’s federal community revitalization policy efforts, visit the Neighborhood Stabilization and Foreclosure Response webpage.

To achieve neighborhood stabilization, localities can spend NSP funds on five eligible uses:
  • Establish financing mechanisms for the purchase and redevelopment of foreclosed homes
  • Purchase and rehabilitate properties that have been abandoned or foreclosed upon
  • Establish and operate land banks for homes and residential properties that have been foreclosed upon
  • Demolish blighted structures
  • Redevelop demolished or vacant properties

Maximizing the Impact of NSP Technical Assistance

Enterprise, through its work with NSP grantees across the country, has built capacity in communities through a diverse array of products, tools, workshops and activities, including:
  • Case study and training videos, highlighting NSP best practices in areas such as scattered-site rental management, marketing and stabilization
  • Mortgage financing roundtables and green building workshops, conducted around the country
  • HUD webinars on topics from mortgage financing to building relationships with developers
  • Tools created for NSP grantees such as updated green specifications, financial management systems and mortgage loan programs
  • Leveraging private capital to maximize impact of NSP funds with such products as the Louisiana Loan Fund in New Orleans

How to Get Technical Assistance for NSP

NSP grantees can request technical assistance from the HUD NSP Resource Exchange in the Get Assistance section. Grantees and their partners can request limited on-call assistance or direct technical assistance, or they may choose to Ask a Question online.