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How to Apply


How To Apply

Submitting the Application
When you apply to be a development team in the Institute, you'll be asked to submit several pieces of information:

Organizational Information
Provide details about your organization’s mission, activities, service area and commitment to architectural design and green building principles.

Proposed Development Project
Describe the development project your organization proposes to bring to the Institute and how it meets the themes for that year's event.

Aspirations and Goals
Explain how you will improve the design quality and “greening” of projects to engage more resident involvement in design and planning, and to encourage other organizations to adopt and promote these best practices more broadly, and the challenges you expect to face in doing so. 

Your Individual Role
The individual submitting the application should explain his or her role in the organization, interest in leadership and innovation and ability to make change within the organization.

Required Attachments

  • List of real estate development projects completed in the past five years or more
  • List of real estate development projects in the pipeline
  • 200 word biography about Institute participant

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on the following criteria:
  • The proposed development is a realistic, buildable project which will be in the schematic design phase by the time of the Institute.
  • The organization must have site control of the project.
  • The organizational applicant demonstrates a commitment to design  excellence and green building strategies.
  • The organizational applicant has a proven track record in completing successful real estate projects that promote neighborhood and community development and rely on meaningful community participatory processes throughout the design and development stages.
  • The individual participant demonstrates a leadership capacity, commitment to innovation and ability to implement lessons from the Institute within their organization.
  • The Institute will seek a geographical and typological diversity of  projects, with a goal of having no less than two projects from Massachusetts.
  • The response to the Institute theme questions within the application.
  • A strong working relationship with local or regional Enterprise offices (desirable but not required).