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About the Fellowship


About the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship

The Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship partners early-career architects with local community development organizations for three year fellowships, where they facilitate an inclusive approach to development that brings all stakeholders together to create green, sustainable, affordable communities. The fellowship has three primary objectives:

  1. Invest in the next generation of leadership in community and public-interest design
  2. Invest in non-profit housing organizations, increasing their capacity in design and development while also articulating a new vision
  3. Cultivate knowledge in the industry, providing critical data on the challenges and barriers to achieving design excellence in affordable housing, and concrete examples of how to overcome them.

Meet the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows

Meet the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship Advisory Committee

Core Principles

Three principles form the foundation for all Enterprise Rose Fellowships: community-engaged design practices, design excellence and sustainability.

Community Engagement

Enterprise Rose Fellows become skilled facilitators who engage residents along with local leaders, advocates and government officials in real dialogue. The result is community-based design that reflect residents’ needs and desires.

Design Excellence

Fellows help their host organizations produce buildings, site designs, and neighborhood plans geared toward improving economic, social, cultural, health and environmental outcomes. They respond to the surrounding context and neighborhood fabric while using resources effectively.


The Rose Fellowship is an important collaborator with Enterprise’s Green Communities initiative, which seeks to transform the way we think about, design, locate, and build affordable homes for people of low-income. By integrating Enterprise Green Communities criteria into their projects, fellows and their host organizations create affordable housing developments that are safe, energy efficient, healthy and accessible to jobs, schools and public transportation.


Since its inception in 2000, the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship has achieved dramatic results in neighborhoods across the country. Fifty six Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows have helped their host organizations create or preserve more than 10,000 sustainable, affordable homes, the majority integrating Green Building standards. Fellows over the years have also contributed to the creation of community facilities and community master plans, leveraging tens of millions of dollars in public and private financing. Many have become leaders in community-based design, sharing their award-winning design solutions on a national scale, through presentations, publications, and leadership positions in the fields of public interest architecture and community development. In addition, many of the fellows have gone on to become recognized leaders in public interest architecture and community development. 

Frederick P. Rose

The Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship honors the late Frederick P. Rose. A prominent developer and philanthropist, Mr. Rose believed in the value of good design and the spirit of public service.

Mr. Rose was chairman of Rose Associates Inc., a New York City based real estate investment firm that develops, owns and manages residential, office and commercial properties. His work endures in the New York skyline: Lincoln Center, Rockefeller University, the Children’s Aid Society, Bankers Trust Building, the Sheffield and the Madison Belvedere. Mr. Rose also oversaw the development and construction of The Frederick P. and Sandra P. Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rose Fellowship is to inspire and nurture a new generation of architects as lifelong leaders dedicated to creating sustainable communities for people at all income levels.