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Become a Fellow


Become a Fellow

Applications for fellowships beginning 2015 will be posted by May 1, 2014. Stay tuned!

The highly competitive Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship develops the next generation of leaders in community- based design. Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellows take part in a unique three-year experience offering unparalleled learning and networking opportunities. As integral members of their host organizations’ staff, fellows gain practical experience in site acquisition, site planning, architectural design, developing financial pro-formas, applying for financing and obtaining public approvals. Fellows also typically help their hosts improve standards and practices for design excellence, sustainability and resident engagement.

Fellows work full time within their host organizations, bringing fresh ideas and helping to build capacity. In exchange, the hosts provide mentorship and guidance, supporting the development of the fellows’ careers with meaningful hands-on experience, as well as paying insurance and other fringe benefits. Enterprise provides an annual stipend ($50,000 for fellowships beginning in 2015), coaching and training, along with industry networking and learning opportunities.

Fellows also gain a national support system of colleagues who share their passion for public interest architecture and community development. Bi-monthly conference calls and online meetings combined with bi-annual gatherings create the opportunity for fellows to share experiences, learn from peers and develop lifetime relationships.

The online application includes instructions and criteria for the fellowship, and you can also read them here. Please note we require an NAAB-Accredited Professional Architecture Degree.

If you have questions, please contact us at Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship.


April Host organizations selected
May Fellowship opportunities posted
July 10 Fellowship application deadline 11:59 p.m. EST
September Finalists selected
October Final decisions/notifications
January 2015-2017 Fellowships begin

Fellowship Opportunities

New opportunities will be posted by May 1, 2014. You can learn about last year’s Fellowship opportunities below.

Transit-oriented and community development along a urban rail corridor
Transit-oriented and community development along an urban rail corridor
Location: Boston
Organization: Fairmount/Indigo Line Collaborative

This fellow will work on development of transit-oriented affordable housing and neighborhood commercial projects. Through community engagement, design and project management, the fellow will contribute to more sustainable, healthy neighborhoods with better access to transit in the diverse communities united by Boston’s Fairmount/Indigo Line.

Download the workplan

Sustainable and resilient supportive housing in New York Sustainable and resilient supportive housing in New York
Location: New York
Organization: CAMBA Housing Ventures

This fellowship will focus on design and participatory strategies to develop sustainable and energy efficient buildings that promote healthy community living and raise the standard for design excellence in affordable housing for low-income and formerly homeless families and individuals throughout the five boroughs of New York and beyond.

Download the workplan
Responsive, green senior housing  that is leading innovation locally and nationally Designing and developing responsive, green, affordable senior housing
Location: Pennsylvania
Organization: Presbyterian Senior Living

The fellow at PSL will work statewide to create healthy, green, affordable housing options that respond to the needs of currently underserved seniors, using design to support physical and cognitive aging in place and to improve and streamline current development practices.

Download the workplan
EcoDistrict planning and comprehensive neighborhood revitalization EcoDistrict planning and comprehensive neighborhood revitalization
Location: Cleveland
Organizations: Burten, Bell, Carr CDC & Detroit Shoreway CDO

The Cleveland fellow’s work will focus on collaboration and partnership with residents, community groups and local and municipal organizations. The fellow will take part in the EcoDistrict working group, which is implementing comprehensive neighborhood-scale sustainability as a vehicle for urban re-investment and socially responsible neighborhood renewal.

Download the workplan
Mixed use development with a focus on senior and supportive housing Mixed use development with a focus on senior and supportive housing
Location: Chicago
Organization: Heartland Housing

The fellow at Heartland Housing will help the organization take sustainability efforts to the next level, seeking out and executing innovative solutions and best practices to develop high quality, service-enriched and environmentally sensitive housing for diverse residents. This will include developing a resident engagement model centered around on-site sustainable food, active lifestyles and green living that can be easily replicated in future projects.

Download the workplan
Green affordable housing that raises the bar on design in Silicon Valley Green affordable housing that raises the bar on design in Silicon Valley
Location: San Jose, CA
Organization: First Community Housing

With a focus on priorities that include community outreach, transit-oriented design, GreenTRIPS and evaluating building performance, the San Jose fellow will take part in raising the bar on developing architecturally significant and sustainable multifamily affordable housing that serves families, senior citizens and individuals as well as special needs populations such as the chronically ill, the developmentally disabled and consumers of mental health services.

Download the workplan