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Become a Fellowship Host Organization


Host an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow

We are currently accepting applications to host an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow in 2017-2019.
The application deadline is February 26, 2016.

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Organizations apply to host an Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow because they seek to enhance their capacity for community engagement, sustainability and excellent design. The Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow is a passionate team member dedicated to this pursuit. Together the host and fellow define a future of design excellence for the organization.

A Fellow is a full-time employee of the host organization for three years. All Fellows hold a professional degree in architecture, and most are pursuing licensure or are licensed. Enterprise partners with the host organization to select the fellow and provide mentorship and training opportunities. The host supports the fellow’s career development by providing the necessary assignments, work environment, supervision and fringe benefits.

Application Process

Prospective host organizations are strongly encouraged to discuss their application with the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship team before submitting an application.

The application requires:

  • Narrative responses including organizational information and a statement of intent
  • Proof of 501(c)(3) or Tribally-Designated Housing Entity Status.
  • A draft work plan for the first 15 months of the fellowship term
    (See templates for the draft work plan.)

A project pipeline and three years of audited financials may be requested as additional documentation.

Apply to become a host


Host organizations must demonstrate:

  • Commitment to excellence in design, sustainable building principles, affordable housing and meaningful community engagement.
  • Track record of completing projects that benefit low-income families.
  • Sufficient projects and pipeline to provide challenging assignments.
  • Ability to mentor and provide effective training and supervision.
  • Organization must be a 501(c)(3) community development corporation (CDC), community housing development organization (CDHO) or Tribally-Designated Housing Entity.
  • Strong working relationship with local or regional Enterprise offices is desirable but not required.


The fellow receives an annual stipend paid through the host organization’s payroll. The exact amount of the stipend will be determined by Enterprise to attract competitive candidates.

Enterprise has some funding available to subsidize the stipend through a grant to the host organization. Organizations receiving this funding must have 501(c)(3) or Tribally-Designated Housing Entity Status.

Enterprise continually seeks local and national funds to cover the Fellowship program costs. The application requests you provide a list of potential funders that might be interested in supporting the Fellowship.

During the open application process, host organizations should speak with the Fellowship Program Director regarding fundraising needs and opportunities.


Host organization application due February 26, 2016
Host organization finalists notified April 1, 2016
Host organizations selected May 1, 2016
Fellowship applications open May 2016
Fellowship application deadline June 2016
Selection committee meeting & host orientation September 2016
Interviews with finalists and fellow selection October 2016
Fellowship term begins January 2017
Fellowship term ends December 2019

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