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Enterprise Green Communities Verification Protocol

Verification brings the benefits of third-party, on-site assessment and performance testing to projects seeking Certification.

  • All projects that apply for Certification may be subject to verification by Enterprise. 
  • Each quarter, Enterprise randomly selects a group of projects from those that have applied for Certification that quarter to participate in verification.
  • The developer is then connected with a technical assistance (TA) provider assigned by Enterprise.  (TA providers selected to perform this work are local or regional organizations with expertise in green building assessments.)

Three stages of verification:

  1. Desktop Review

    The TA provider reviews and evaluates all Criteria that can be documented and verified prior to site visits.This includes  information submitted in Step 1 of the Certification process, as well as additional information from the project team, such as specifications book, construction schedule, project drawings and HVAC sizing summary.

  2. Pre-Drywall Site Visit

    The TA provider conducts a pre-drywall inspection and documents the results in a checklist. If the project team is working with a HERS rater, the TA provider will not duplicate the Rater’s scope of work.

  3. Post-Construction Site Visit

    The TA provider conducts a series of performance tests focused on the energy and water measures, and documents the results in a checklist.

    If the desktop review or site visits reveal deficiencies, the TA provider will notify the appropriate team member and provide recommendations and guidelines on how to correct the issue(s). Project teams will be required to fix accordingly.

Following completion of verification review, the TA provider submits a brief report to Enterprise and the project team describing the project’s compliance with the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, any recommendations made to the team for improvement and performance testing results.