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Enterprise Green Multifamily Retrofit Program

Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit

Enterprise Community Partners Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit

This Toolkit distills Enterprise’s experience retrofitting multifamily affordable housing into the critical steps necessary for success. It is a roadmap for multifamily housing owners, investors, and developers which outlines a comprehensive, cost-effective approach to retrofit. 

To learn more about the process download The Step-By-Step Retrofit Process PDF.

How to Use this on-line Toolkit

This step-by-step process can be used in three ways:
  • Portfolio Approach - Assists you in developing an action plan to increase the efficiency of your portfolio through selective application of retrofits and related tools
  • Project Approach - Assists you in taking one project through a streamlined, cost effective, efficient retrofit process
  • Midway through process and/or near completion - Use as a toolkit at any point during the retrofit process in order to make smart and cost-effective decisions


The Step-By-Step Retrofit Process

1. Review Portfolio
Secure Funding
2. Secure Funding

3. Select Property
Select Audit Protocol
4. Select Audit Protocol
Select Auditor and Conduct Audit
5. Select Auditor and Conduct Audit
Determine Final Scope and Select Contractor
6. Determine Final Scope of Work and Select Contractor to Complete Renovation
Conduct Quality Assurance and Verification
7. Conduct Quality Assurance and Verification (QA&V)
Monitor Utility Use
8. Monitor Utility Use
Management of Operations and Maintenance
9. Management, Operations and Maintenance

Download the complete Multifamily Retrofit Toolkit in PDF format. It contains The Step-By-Step Retrofit Process document, additional documents, attachments, links and additional toolkits contained in steps 1-9 above.

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