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Resident Engagement


Tools to Engage Residents in Green & Healthy Living

Resident engagement is crucial to delivering on the expected benefits from your green development. It helps to:
  • Support healthy living
  • Lower utility and maintenance costs
  • Maximize the environmental benefits of green affordable housing

Resident Engagement Results

See how residents, young and old, have used these tools in their communities. Watch this short presentation explaining Enterprise's commitment to green affordable housing and the resident led engagement strategies they're using to achieve their goals.

Case Studies

Resident Engagement Strategies Resident Engagement Strategies

Read the Resident Engagement Strategies document before adopting one of the tools below. It outlines best practices in resident engagement strategies including: goal setting, getting started, and things to consider.

Resident Engagement Case Study: Famicos Foundation

In an effort to improve quality of life and residential health in Cleveland, Famicos Foundation worked with students to implement projects focused on the reuse of vacant land. This Case Study illustrates the commitment to community and local youth involvement in sustainability initiatives.
Funding for this report was generously provided by the PNC Foundation.

Resident Engagement Training in a Box

Designed for property owners, resident services staff members and property managers, these tools help you work with residents to increase their knowledge about and practice of green and healthy living. It offers four resident educational workshops, each including presentations, exercises and instructional videos to engage residents in:
  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Healthy living
  • Waste reduction and recycling

Trainer Notes and Workshop Resources

Trainer Notes
Trainer Notes 
Download and review this information prior to planning your first workshop.
  • Workshop summaries
  • Workshop agendas
  • Guidance on exercises
Energy Conservation Energy Conservation
Water Conservation Water Conservation
Healthy Living Healthy Living
Waste Reduction and Recycling Waste Reduction and Recycling

These Resident Engagement Training in a Box materials have been translated into Spanish:

Resident Engagement Cards

Customizable Resident Engagement Card Templates Customizable Resident Engagement Card Templates are pre-populated PowerPoint slides with images and simple tips, including suggestions on how to customize the cards for different audiences and locations. Resident Engagement Card Tip Sheet Resident Engagement Card Tip Sheet explains the purpose of the cards, customization suggestions and ideas for different formats for the cards (such as signage, presentations, etc.) and fun resident engagement activities.
Download an Image Library Download an Image Library of more than 30 lively illustrations in JPEG format to bring actions to life in your customized cards.  Sample Customized Cards Sample Customized Cards show you how LINC Housing used these templates to help residents at their Pepperwood Apartments remember key tips for living a green and healthy lifestyle.
Customization Tutorial video This short Customization Tutorial video shows you how to customize the cards in PowerPoint.  Green Resident Engagement Sample Quiz Green Resident Engagement Sample Quiz, is an easy-to-modify document with sample questions that can be delivered to residents in a variety of fun ways to reinforce the learning.
"Going Green" Resident Engagement Video This six-minute "Going Green" Resident Engagement Video 
highlights some of the easy-to-implement actions listed on the cards. 

Translated Resident Engagement Cards

These cards have been translated into several languages, available for download:

Green Leader Toolkit

This toolkit was created to maximize the benefits of green building by identifying and empowering a resident or group of residents. The Green Leaders will inform their neighbors through a series of educational workshops and events that address: energy, water, recycling and healthy living, called the “Green & Healthy Living” program. This toolkit provides easy step-by-step instructions for a series of fun workshops and events on green living and the proper care and maintenance of homes in order to fully benefit from the health, energy efficiency, water conservation and environmental measures included in them. This program is designed to be interactive and easygoing; encouraging the adaptation of the events and ideas in the toolkit to better serve your community.

Green Leaders Resident Recruitment Green Leader Resident Recruitment

The document explains how to identify a resident or group of residents willing to take on the role of Green Leader in your building to address: energy, water, recycling and healthy living. 
Green Leader Toolkit Green Leader Toolkit

The “Green Leader Toolkit” provides guidance on how to educate 
neighbors on green living and proper care and maintenance of their living environments in order to fully benefit from the health, energy efficiency, water conservation and environmental measures included in their homes.
Green Leader Poster Training Resources