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Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Plan

We have a bold strategic plan with an audacious goal. 

Enterprise is working to end housing insecurity in the U.S. within a generation. That means no more homelessness. No more low-income families paying half of their income on housing. No more families living disconnected from opportunity. 

As a down payment toward our generational goal, by 2020 we will help provide opportunity to 1 million low-income families through quality affordable housing and connections to good schools, jobs, transit and health care. 

Across the nation, 19 million families – about one in six U.S. families – face housing insecurity. For them, home is not a source of strength and security. Instead it’s the cause of unmanageable stress, long-term health issues and other barriers that prevent families from thriving. 

Ending housing insecurity starts with creating, improving and preserving homes that are: 

  • Affordable to low-income families
  • Available in markets where the supply gap is growing 
  • Healthy, well-designed and sustainable 
  • Connected to good schools, jobs, transit and health care

Enterprise believes that every individual and family should have access to an affordable home in a community connected to opportunity. Together, we can – and we will – eliminate housing insecurity. 

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