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Priorities & Impact


Our Priorities in Chicago

  • Create and preserve affordable and supportive housing throughout Chicago and the Midwest region

  • Support the city of Chicago’s comprehensive plans to build a more economically and environmentally sustainable region; the city's plans include:
    • GO TO 2040, a comprehensive regional plan to help the seven counties and 284 communities in Chicago plan together for sustainable prosperity through mid-century and beyond
    • The Chicago Climate Action Plan, which is preparing for climate change to ensure a more livable climate for the city and the world

  • Help affordable housing developers cost-effectively build and maintain green affordable housing

  • Promote affordable housing development and preservation near transit

  • Meet the needs of a diverse set of residents, including seniors, through partnerships with housing authorities

  • Expand supportive housing opportunities for the homeless, people with disabilities and other vulnerable residents

  • Resources for investors interested in developing in transit-served areas through the Southland Community Development Loan Fund:
    • Predevelopment loans up to $3 million with an interest rate of 3 percent, and a term of up to three years.
    • Acquisition loans up to $3 million with options for variable and fixed interest rates, and a term of up to five years.

Our Impact in Chicago

To date we have:
  • Raised or invested more than $93 million
  • Created or preserved more than 10,000 affordable homes
  • Leveraged more than $600 million in total community investment
Southland Community Development Loan Fund
Together Chicago

Through Together Chicago, we can foster equitable, engaged, adaptable and thriving communities connected through transit.  See how Enterprise is playing a role in this initiative.