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Priorities & Impact


Our Priorities in New York

  • In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, upgrade and strengthen the region’s affordable housing, develop the disaster-preparedness of neighborhood-based organizations and support a more resilient civic infrastructure in highly vulnerable, low-income neighborhoods
  • Create affordable homes so that all New Yorkers have a stable, sustainable, affordable place to call home
  • Preserve the long-term affordability and stability of New York’s existing affordable housing to ensure that affordable housing and protect New York City residents living in buildings that are physically distressed and financially over-leveraged
  • Green Retrofit New York City's affordable housing to meet the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria and bring the health, economic, and environmental benefits of green building to residents and building owners
  • Provide housing with access to critical social services to our senior community and rapidly growing population of homeless families
  • Serve as a trusted advisor to policymakers and community-based organizations to make affordable housing the central platform for delivering complex services to those most vulnerable

Our Impact in New York

  • Since 1987 we have created or preserved more than 49,000 affordable homes for 114,000 residents and committed nearly $2.9 billion in equity, grants and loans to community development projects. 
  • In 2011 we created, preserved, or weatherized more than 4,400 homes for 13,000 residents. As a result, low-income New Yorkers collectively now have $10.7 million more dollars to spend on other necessities such as food, education and healthcare rather than overpriced rent.
  • We have engaged developers, policymakers and the financial industry to bring green solutions to scale, notably resulting in New York City’s recent adoption of Enterprise’s Green Communities Criteria.
  • We have deployed $18 million to retrofit and apply green standards to more than 2,200 affordable apartments in New York City through the Weatherization Assistance Program, in partnership with LISC.
  • In 2007 we led the launch of the $230 million New York City Acquisition Fund, an unprecedented collaboration between the city of New York and the philanthropic and lending communities. Since the fund's inception, more than $151 million has been invested in New York City, creating or preserving over 4,300 homes.
  • Since 2004 we have financed the development of 3,100 supportive apartments in New York.



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