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Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding


Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding Program

The devastation unleashed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 called to attention the fact that our most vulnerable residents are least able to adapt in a crisis that levels homes, kills electricity and cuts off access to vital services. This vulnerability extends to low-income communities as a whole and the community-based organizations that serve them.

Enterprise understands of the challenges facing the families and housing organizations affected by Sandy.

Recovery and Rebuilding Program

The Enterprise Hurricane Sandy Recovery and Rebuilding program is an ambitious three-year effort to upgrade and strengthen the region’s affordable housing, develop the disaster-preparedness of neighborhood-based organizations and support a more resilient civic infrastructure in highly vulnerable, low-income neighborhoods. Enterprise’s policy leadership and data analysis play a critical role in ensuring an effective recovery process.

Research and Data Analysis

Enterprise has created a set of maps and data analysis that summarize Superstorm Sandy’s impact on homes in the New York region.

Find highlights from both reports are on Our Blog

Housing Resilience

Enterprise launched the Learning Collaborative for [Housing] Resilience program to help organizations improve the resiliency of their affordable housing properties and safeguard them from future crises. Enterprise selected 12 affordable housing organizations that, in total, oversee nearly 300 buildings and 12,000 units to develop best practices for disaster preparedness and long-term housing resilience.

Enterprise supports the participants in collaboratively developing comprehensive disaster preparedness and response plans for their organizations and housing portfolios. We will provide technical support to help each organization assess its housing portfolio’s vulnerability to future crises, explore innovative resilient retrofit options, and identify potential financing mechanisms to implement the recommendations. At the same time, we will work together to identify shared goals and challenges, and translate them into lessons and guidelines to benefit all affordable housing organizations.

Enterprise selected the following 12 affordable housing organizations to participate in our Learning Collaborative [Housing] Resilience program.

Speaker Series on Housing Resilience

Enterprise hosted a series of presentations exploring the long-term recovery challenges for multifamily affordable housing infrastructure in New York City and the surrounding region in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The series explored technical issues and best practice case studies of recovery and response.


Risks and Mitigants: What does it mean to be prepared?
Archived version of the event

Resident Engagement
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Operations and Maintenance for Disaster Preparedness
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Multifamily Resiliency Measures
Archived version of the event

For additional questions, suggestions or to be placed on email list for events, please contact: Laurie Schoeman.

Resiliency Speaker Series

October 28, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Envisioning Site Resilience in Public Housing
Our panel of experts will discuss best practice site planning and stormwater management strategies to increase the resilience of a campus style public housing in the event of a storm event.

Register to attend in person | Register via WebEx

For additional information, contact Ilana Novick or by phone: 212.284.7214.

Request for Proposals

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Proposals are due by October 7th, 2014. For more information contact Ilana Novick.

Selections will be completed and communicated by October 11th, 2014.


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