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Partners & Supporters


Partners & Supporters

Thank you to our partners, funders and investors for making it possible to fulfill our mission to create affordable housing in thriving communities.

We also thank members of the Northern California Leadership Council, who share their time and expertise to help others.


Funders and Investors

Northern California Leadership Council

Jeff Bennett
Wells Fargo, Community Lending

Alice Carr
JPMorgan Chase

Christine Boylan Carr
Silicon Valley Bank

Pam David
Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Ximena Delgado
Bank of America

Donald S. Falk
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development

Richard Fletcher
One Pacific Coast Bank

Susan Friedland
Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

Dutch Haarsma
Charles Schwab Bank

Lisa Joyner
U.S. Bank

Barara Kibbe
S.D. Bechtel Foundation

Olson Lee
Mayor's Office of Housing 

Merle Malakoff
Citi Community Capital 

Patrick Murcia
Fannie Mae

Marc Rand
Marin Community Foundation 

Doug Shoemaker
Mercy Housing California

Michael Solomon
Charles Schwab Bank 

Linda Wheaton
California Department of Housing
and Community Development