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Priorities & Impact


Our Priorities in Northern California

Enterprise's priorities in Northern California are to:

  • Ensure that Northern California’s public housing residents live in thriving neighborhoods with access to high-quality services and amenities
  • Improve the health of low-income residents and lower the environmental impacts of affordable housing by facilitating green retrofitting of aging multifamily buildings
  • Build and preserve affordable homes near quality transit hubs to improve access to opportunities and services for low-income people
  • Support area nonprofits to weather economic challenges, improve organizational infrastructure and scale up development pipelines through cutting-edge technical support
  • Become partners with leading experts to devise creative policy solutions to restore reliable government financial tools for housing and community development

Our Impact in Northern California

Since Enterprise began working in Northern California in 2008, we and our partners have

  • Invested nearly $700 million to create or preserve more than 17,000 affordable homes
  • Provided technical assistance, grants and training support to more than 62 community organizations and local governments to create affordable housing and provide services to low-income residents
  • Worked in partnership with the city of San Francisco on HOPE SF to create 3,800 affordable, energy-efficient family units on four sites and assist with neighborhood stabilization efforts in the surrounding areas, transforming the lives of low-income residents
  • Worked with 14 nonprofit and mission-driven affordable housing developers, San Francisco's Housing Authority and the Office of Housing and Community Development to revitalize its public housing system through HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program
  • Provided technical assistance to affordable housing developers, community development organizations and governmental agencies to secure more than $8 million in funds from the state's Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities program to advance transit-oriented development projects in Oakland and San Jose
  • Led Oakland’s Housing Council in identifying the most promising strategies to solve the housing crisis to ensure continued housing opportunities for longtime residents while also accommodating population growth and new residents
  • Enabled green retrofits with financing tools and introduced sustainable operations and maintenance procedures through trainings and capacity-building grants
  • Supported green retrofits with financing through the Green Portfolio Analysis and Sustainability (Green PASS) program.
  • Reinforced the work of the Bay Area’s Great Communities Collaborative and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission by providing grants and implementation support to organizations advancing developments in our region’s Priority Development Areas
  • Coordinated collaborative efforts between developers and smart growth leaders in government, nonprofit advocacy organizations and local communities to better support equitable transit-oriented development
  • Coordinated with other CDFIs in the preservation of smaller, rent-controlled multifamily buildings at risk of losing affordability with support from the Small Sites Program of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development and Enterprise Community Loan Fund through the U.S. Department of Treasury’s CDFI Bond Guarantee Program

Initiatives Making an Impact

Public Housing

Through advisory services, financial tools, policy leadership and grants, Enterprise promotes national best practices and engages local partners to ensure the success of public housing in Northern California. Our work focuses on building and preserving safe, sustainable public housing, improving the quality of resident homes and services, and increasing the capacity of the public sector to manage and maintain these developments. Enterprise’s public housing work occurs predominantly in San Francisco, where more than 10,000 residents live in 6,300 public housing apartments.

Equitable Transit-Oriented Communities

Enterprise Northern California supports the creation and preservation of affordable homes along existing and developing transit lines. Our work in equitable transit-oriented communities ensures low-income families in the Bay Area and Sacramento regions are connected to good jobs, housing, education and services in healthy, walkable communities. We work with regional collaboratives, policymakers and nonprofit organizations to advance the plans for and development of mixed-income, amenity-rich neighborhoods.

Neighborhood-Scale Green Communities

Enterprise’s Northern California team works with local partners to put our new Green Communities Criteria into action. We focus our green efforts on neighborhood-wide sustainability. In partnership with the City of San Francisco’s Planning and Environment departments and Chinatown Community Development Corporation, we are advancing Sustainable Chinatown. This program aims to create solutions for long-term neighborhood sustainability. The goals are to prevent displacing residents and to promote community health by:

  • Improving the efficiency of public housing
  • Greening shared spaces
  • Upgrading energy and water systems of the existing buildings
  • Exploring district-level strategies to increase efficiency