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Priorities & Impact


Our Priorities in Ohio

  • Enable all new affordable housing to achieve the Enterprise Green Communities framework

  • Provide funders and housing developers with a proven, cost-effective roadmap for creating healthy and environmentally responsible affordable homes

  • Invest in model affordable housing and community development projects

  • Execute innovative innovative affordable housing preservation and neighborhood stabilization strategies with a positive impact on residents and communities

  • Provide free tax preparation services to low-income workers, increasing the use of the Earned Income Tax Credit as a wealth-building toolthat also benefits the community economically

  • Create and sustain permanent supportive housing for adults, families and youth with histories of homelessness and multiple barriers to obtaining and maintaining housing
  • Support our development partners as stewards of affordable housing
  • Build housing and community development systems and structures that use resources wisely and cultivate creative solutions for the future

Our Impact in Ohio

Our greatest achievements in Ohio include having:
  • Created more than 14,000 affordable homes and more than $609 million investment in communities across Ohio
  • Completed 44,000 income tax returns for low-income residents in Cuyahoga County using volunteers who offer free tax preparation services, which as resulted in $57 million in refunds, and a savings of $4 million in fees
  • Helped establish the Housing First Initiative which has created more than 500 new homes toward a goal of 1,250 supportive housing units for single adults, families and youth with a history of homelessness 
  • Established the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria as the standard for producing thousands of healthy and sustainable homes in Cleveland, Columbus and across the state
  • Helped establish the Northeast Ohio Regional Energy Alliance, which focuses on building the market, delivery infrastructure, financing and job creation through energy efficiency in the built environment 
  • Established a preservation initiative with Neighborhood Progress, Inc., Cleveland Housing Network and the city of Cleveland for 25 properties reaching the end of their term, which had an impact on more than 850 units of housing

Housing First

The Enterprise-led Housing First initiative seeks to create 1,000 supportive housing units for adults with disabilities and a history of long-term homelessness. 

Enterprise has supported Cleveland Housing Network, EDEN, Inc. and Mental Health Services, Inc. in successfully developing 411 homesthrough policy advocacy, resource cultivation and technical assistance.

Enterprise Green Communities in Ohio

Since 2006, Enterprise Green Communities in Ohio has provided grants to developers to build in or enhance green features, thus increasing efficiency and reduce energy costs. The Enterprise Green Communities Criteria is the standard for producing thousands of healthy and sustainable homes across the state.

We led the $1 Million Ohio Green Retrofit demonstration with five existing affordable housing projects to reduce energy usage by 30 percent, establishing a model for private sector replication.

Housing First

The Enterprise-led Housing First initiative is committed to ending chronic homelessness in Cuyahoga County by producing 1,000 permanent supportive homes

Housing First website provides:

  • Tools and standards for becoming a Housing First property
  • Evidence describing why supportive housing works
  • Stories of success from Housing First residents