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Faith-Based Development Initiative


Faith-Based Development Initiative (FBDI)

FBDI seeks to engage and assist the faith-based community in helping to ensure that people of all incomes have access to fit and affordable housing and community resources.

A collaboration among Enterprise, East of the River Clergy-Police-Community Partnership, Wesley Theological Seminary and Georgetown University, FBDI has:

  • Supported more than 60 faith-based partners at various stages of the development process
  • Produced 468 affordable homes with these partners; 47 homes are in the pipeline

FBDI has also provided more than $15 million in Enterprise grants, loans and tax credit equity including:

  • More than $180,000 in grants
  • More than $1.5 million in loans
  • More than $13.8 million in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity

More Information on FBDI

Read more about faith-based development in the May 2015 issue of Tax Credit Advisor magazine (used with permission).

Upcoming event(s)

Baltimore Faith-Based Development Certificate Program:  Graduation Ceremony 
Saturday, June 4, 2016, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Keynote Presentation by University of Baltimore President, Kurt Schmoke
Schaefer Center for Public Policy | University of Baltimore 21 W. Mount Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

Enterprise and the University of Baltimore Schaefer Center for Public Policy invite you to hear the capstone presentations and celebrate the graduation candidates who have completed the University of Baltimore's Faith-Based Development Certificate Program. The Baltimore Faith-based Development Certificate Program is an educational component of Enterprise’s Faith-based Development Initiative (FBDI), which provides intellectual and financial capital to help houses of worship develop affordable housing and community facilities that create safe, vibrant communities connected to opportunity. Enterprise teamed with the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore to develop a unique opportunity for Houses of Worship in Baltimore interested in affordable housing and community development. The partnership designed a curriculum to educate and inform a select group of leaders from Houses of Worship about the real estate development process through comprehensive classroom instruction paired with specialized technical assistance. 

If you have any questions regarding the Initiative, contact Deborah Stevenson at 202.649.3911. 

Capital Available

Technical Assistance

  • Preliminary property and market analyses and referrals to appropriate development experts
  • Organizational assessments to strengthen the position of a faith-based development organization to seek funding

Partnership with Legal Services

Throughout the development process, FBDI provides access to pro bono legal services and can make referrals to experienced fee-based attorneys. Partnerships include:


Undergraduate and graduate student interns have been pivotal to the success of FBDI. Interns have worked on real estate and policy research, program evaluation and project case studies.

Watch our video below to hear from past FBDI interns, whose experience at Enterprise helped them prepare for full-time careers in affordable housing.

If you are interested in an FBDI internship, contact Deborah Stevenson.


Let Us Rise Up and Build
The Faith-Based Development Initiative (FBDI) serves to support the growing interest of those in the faith community to bring affordable housing to where it is most needed. FBDI is a collaboration between Enterprise, East of the River Clergy-Police-Community Partnership, Wesley Theological Seminary and Georgetown University.
Building on Faith

Read the FBDI white paper to learn how FBDI offers technical and financial tools to help the Washington, D.C. region's houses of worship create affordable housing.
FBDI Fact Sheet

Download the fact sheet
 for more on the Faith-Based Development Initiative.
For more information on the Faith-based Initiative, contact Deborah Stevenson.