The First Victims
Decades of housing discrimination have made low-income and communities of color the most vulnerable when it comes to devastating weather events like Hurricane Matthew, Enterprise SVP Laurel Blatchford writes in Time magazine.
The Future of Urban Life: A Blueprint

In "The Well-Tempered City," urbanist and Enterprise Trustee Jonathan F. P. Rose offers a model for building cities with more equality and harmony. 

In New Orleans, Demand Rises

“New Orleans is for everyone,” said Mayor Mitchell Landrieu in announcing a new five-year strategy to meet the city’s urgent affordable housing needs and ensure no one gets left behind. 

Ready to Respond

Ready to Respond Tools for Resilience was developed to help affordable housing organizations make their buildings resilient, prepare their staff to handle emergencies and ensure their residents remain safe. These strategies will help develop the resilience needed to adapt to future emergencies.  

Resource Guide
Our handy four-page Resource Guide summarizes a host of helpful information and tools on green affordable housing. 
Donors Create Opportunity

Donors help low-income families secure homes with access to health care, schools, transportation and jobs when they support Enterprise

The Kresge Foundation Supports Resilient Cities

The Kresge Foundation has supported the creation of vital affordable housing while helping make communities more energy efficient and sustainable.

Annie E. Casey Foundation Helps Communities Thrive

The generosity of the Annie E. Casey Foundation has been critical in efforts to create more than 6,000 new homes in Northern California.