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Impact on Families
A new Enterprise report presents a series of powerful facts and data telling the story of America’s housing insecurity crisis and the impact a stable, affordable home has on families. Read and share the report.
Our Solar Commitment
Terri Ludwig joins President Obama for a White House energy efficiency announcement. See how Enterprise is expanding solar power on affordable homes.
New Resource for Cities
Enterprise is part of a network of private and public sector experts providing local governments with strategic help on key economic issues. Read the press release.
TA and Capacity Building Consultant RFQ
Submit your qualifications to join the technical assistance and capacity building teams who provide professional services related to HUD CPD and NSP activity or as a communications and fundraising professional for the National Resource Network.
Resource Guide
Our handy four-page Resource Guide summarizes a host of helpful information and tools on green affordable housing. 
Project Management Guide
Used with the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, the Project Management Guide provides guidance on which Criteria categories are most relevant during each development phase.
2020 Green is a commitment to make progress toward the goal of ensuring that all housing with public subsidy and long term affordability requirements has the opportunity to benefit from green practices by 2020.
Investing in Opportunity
Enterprise Trustee Jonathan Rose believes opportunity starts by accessing financing – “the oxygen of community development” –  to create green affordable homes tied to schools, transit, jobs and health care.

Hear more of Jonathan’s philosophy in this new video from Citi.
Making Homes More Resilient
In 2012, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation awarded Enterprise nearly $700,000 to help storm victims and homeless individual rebuild their lives.

Read more about the Hilton Foundation’s support.
Going Green Begins at Home
Enterprise is giving residents the tools to drive the health, economic and environmental benefits of green building with the generous support of the Kendeda Fund.

Read about the Kendeda Fund’s $2.5 million multi-year grant to Enterprise.